Every member of our community deserves to be as safe as they can be during this pandemic. The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department has posted a webpage of videos of COVID-19 information in the Mixteco language. It includes four quick public service announcement (PSA) videos of about 30 seconds each, and one longer video of about 4.5 minutes. These videos provide information that every person needs to enhance their safety during this epidemic. The videos include:

  • PSA 1 – COVID-19 Explanation – Explicando el COVID-19 – Mixteco Alto – 30 sec
  • PSA 2 – Handwashing – Lávase las manos – Mixteco Alto – 30 sec
  • PSA 3 – Social Distancing – Distanciamiento social – Mixteco Alto – 30 sec
  • PSA 4 – Stay At Home – Quédese en casa – Mixteco Alto – 30 sec.
  • Understanding COVID-19 – Entendiendo el COVID-19 – Mixteco Bajo – 4.5 min

These videos are free to use and share online. We hope they will be helpful to our Mixteco-speaking neighbors and the agencies, schools, and clinics that serve them. Either the whole page or individual videos can be shared, and they are free to post on websites, social media, television and so on. We plan to make audio-only public service announcements are available for radio stations soon as well. The webpage is https://publichealthsbc.org/mixteco-video/.