The City of Guadalupe Fire Department is a combination department consisting of a full-time Public Safety Director and three full-time Fire Captains with the remaining personnel being Paid-Call/volunteer.

The City of Guadalupe Fire Department is an all-risk Fire Department providing emergency response services to the City and surrounding areas through mutual aid agreements with local agencies covering 54 square miles.  Some of the services provided are:

Fire Suppression:
The fire department responds to structure fires, vehicle fires, wildland or grass fires, dumpster fires, and fire alarm activations, Etc.

Rescue Services:
The fire department responds to all motor vehicle crashes where injuries or hazards are reported, Emergencies within the Guadalupe Dunes beach area, and wilderness area.

Hazardous Material Response:
Fire personnel are trained to respond to many hazardous material releases and take defensive actions at a hazardous material incident scene.

Fire Prevention Education:
Besides completing Fire Prevention Inspections, Life Safety and Fire Assessments, Residential Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide check and education. The Guadalupe Fire Department Personnel also provide different forms of fire prevention education including, but not limited to, school and classroom visits, fire station tours, fire extinguisher training, and education in the Guadalupe Fire Department Fire Safety House.

First Aid & CPR education:
The Guadalupe Fire Department provides First Aid and CPR training through certified American Heart Association Instructors.

If you are interested in scheduling some form of fire prevention, Safety, or First Aid education, please contact the Fire Department at (805) 356-3905.

Guadalupe Fire Department Staff
Captain Fernando Garcia
Captain Patrick Schmitz
Captain Ryan Mack

Infection Control Officer Fernando Garcia – (805) 356-3905

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