The City Administrator is the administrative head of City Government. She oversees and provides direction to the department heads of the City. She also provides information to the City Council at the bi-monthly City Council meetings and seeks policy direction from the Council. She further provides oversight for personnel, labor relations and risk management functions.

The formal duties of the City Administrator include (but are not limited to) the following:

* Assist City Council members to develop policies for the City as a whole

* Ensure that ordinances passed by the City Council are enforced throughout the City

* Seek input from the business community and residents to identify and solve problems

* Coordinate preparation of the annual budget, and implementation of the budget once approved

* Supervise department heads and other City employees, and oversee contract personnel

* Investigate citizen complaints and recommend changes to the City Council

* Other duties as directed by the City Council


Todd Bodem, City Administrator

Phone: (805) 356-3892

Fax: (805) 343-5512 

Juana Escobar, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (805) 356-3891

Fax (805) 343-5512